Cammo's "Headless Monk" Pumpkin Dubbel

Cammo makes beer. He does it in small batches and with a significant amount of forethought. He thinks hard about his potential drinkers, and he tries to make something interesting and delicious. Some are better than others, but there's a lot of heart in each attempt.

The beer is a very murky reddish brown. I mean, this thing looks like it may well have half inch twigs and leaves floating around in there (I exaggerate.) The beer is not as carbonated as any of the previous Cammo beers. The moderate head dissipates to a thin veneer across the top of the beverage. The aroma is overwhelming with its pumpkin and clove that hit the nose from two rooms away. Cammo has done some serious pumpkin infusing. I'm wondering if I should properly drink this out of a hollowed out pumpkin.

First sip is pumpkiny. It's got that and the clove as the biggest tastes, but there's definitely more going on. The complexity is lost in the speed of a sip, but I can also taste something sweet coming underneath the other two tastes. I can't place it. Maybe... just maybe... a big ol' swig will do the trick.

Tip-in a a light clove with malt swelling underneath. Then, there's a light fruity taste mixed with some floral notes - like dandelions, but very slight. The finish hits with hard clove and moderate pumpkin. As it rolls off, it lays down a rug of malt and walks across it with cloves, each footfall causing a wave as it walks into the distance.

With a little time to get closer to room temperature, the taste become a bit more muted, and the harmony of the ingredients really comes along. It's a stronger and less beer taste than I expected when I started out, but it is a pretty good one. It's not as good as his watermelon, but that's okay. It's different, and it's good in its own right.



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