Cammo Brewing Beta Chocolate Maple Porter

Cammo produces some good beers. I know he pours some heart and soul into it, and I love a good porter. Cammo tells me that this is his beta batch of porter to see if it is good enough for a full batch, and I'm in favor of Cammo making good beer pretty much any day of the week.

It pours as black as the midnight sky in Pittsburgh (so there's loads of overcast). The head, as with pretty much every Cammo beer so far, is huge. He packs more CO2 into a bottle than Daisy packs into those little CO2 canisters for air rifles. I don't know how he does it - I suspect he's a wizard. The aroma is powerful. It rides the air like Aladdin riding his magic carpet. It smells of roasted malt and coffee.

First sip is solid. It's a beer that I should probably eat with a fork. The malt is heavy with the weight of unanswered customer service tickets and log files that haven't been parsed yet. I get a lot of coffee in there, too, and I can't say I'm tasting a lot of maple. I can't say I taste ANY. I also don't think I'm tasting any hops with it, but a sip goes by so quickly, I might just be missing it. Clearly, a proper swig is in order.

Tip-in is a mild and tangy. I don't know where that's coming from, but it's almost citrus. The carbonation hits the whole mouth with a sting. That is followed by a smoky coffee taste that carries bitterness with it. The finish brings more bitterness and something like caramel or toffee made without the sugar. As the drink trails off, the bitterness continues to come in waves and ends with the taste of tin.

I can't say this is Cammo's best. It definitely needs something more significant than the maple to cut the bitterness through the whole drink.



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