Epic (2013)

This is a CG animated movie. Some people call it a 3D animated movie, but it's really only 3D if you are viewing it on a screen using whichever tech is necessary to get two slightly different images in to your eyes. Sometimes there are glasses, sometimes they are active, sometimes they are passive, sometimes the screen has to be at a certain distance, etc.

Fact is, this movie isn't particularly epic. It was ironically named, but only a little. Like the old animated movie that was not particularly good, FernGully, the entire epic battle takes place in the microcosm of a single wooded area. They refer to it as a forest, but we have no way of validating their claims. Anyway, these little people have to fight each other for the woods to stay alive.

Tossed into the whole thing is a human girl who falls in love with a tiny man and is given the responsibility of ensuring the stability and life of the forest. It's pretty much Disney's bread and butter, but this was not produced by Disney. That alone lets you know that the state of digital animation has come quite a bit, as the animation here is very good. I'd have to say that I thought Brave was better on the details, but these folks definitely have their physics worked out.

So, you have the big bad guy, the young girl thrust into responsibility, the grizzled old vet who knows what it takes to win a war, the upcoming yet independent young man, and the serene queen who has to hand her crown over to the next generation. Add in the R2 and 3PO, and you're set. Oh, wait. The comic duo are a slug and a snail, but they effective serve the same purpose.

All told, it wasn't a bad movie, but I think I'm not going to bother doing any more reviews of movies aimed at kids. They really don't hold my attention well enough, and I don't even know what kids are looking for in a movie these days. Mind you, I'll still be watching the next Transformers, if there is one, even though they suck. I just love me some transformers.



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