The name is a simple word, and the name of the manufacturer is not actually listed on the bottle, as far as I can tell. So, that leaves me with a very simple entry in this blog. It's a beer from Mexico, and my experience with beverages from that country thus far has not been overly positive. I have found a few beers from there that have been decent, and I hope to find a few more. I'm always interested in finding new beers.

The color is a clear pale yellow. It's pretty much what I have usually encountered most times I've tried Mexican beers. The head dissipates to a very thin layer on top of the beer. The aroma is more malty than anything. It's a very familiar, if faint, with a tiny bit of vanilla and an even smaller hint of hops.

First sip and it's not terrible. I mean, I've had some terrible beers (HiCu, I'm looking at you here). This beer is fairly bland. It's watery, and trying to discern a flavor is kind of like trying to taste the difference between Romano and Parmesan cheese in the middle of a thick slice of lasagna. It's got a kind of acidic bite on the tongue along with the malt that brings a tad of sweet with it. The hops is almost a ghost in here.

A big swig actually makes things a worse. There's an attempt at spice in here that is really off-putting. That's a shame, as I have three more of these in the sampler pack I just got. I'd have been happier with the watery beer that it tasted like with the sip. It might be better with something spicy or well seasoned. Just sitting down with a beer? No. Not this beer.



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