The Internship (2013)

I may be alone in remembering the late 80's Fred Savage movie The Wizard. That movie was a horrendous blight because - even though I was just on the trailing edge of the targeted demographic - the product placement was so substantial that I couldn't help but think how much more awesome the movie would have been if they had Sega Genesis graphics instead of the crappy Nintendo graphics in every damn scene. And I USED the Power Glove, and it sucked.

Well, this is another commercial in the guise of a movie. Google must have simply bankrolled the whole thing, and Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson had to have made a TON of money even before this film was released. I mean, they push every Google product including tech support. Anyone who has ever even WANTED to call Google for tech support knows that they make all information accessible to the world except for that damn number. They sure as HELL aren't accepting calls from end users who don't know to clear their cache to force a page refresh.

The basic idea is that two salesmen lose their jobs and decide to try to get hired on at Google as interns even though they have no technical knowledge (I know, CRAZY, huh?) So, these two have to compete with kids to get these prized positions. Maybe everyone will learn something in the process, huh? That's deep, man.

I like Vince Vaughn. He's hit and miss, but he generally adds a certain amount of good ad-lib lines to a scene that make it particularly entertaining. In this case, he just added more words to the scene. It's pretty clear that everyone in screen was just adding lines to pad the script, because most of the stuff that happens on-screen is pretty useless or uninteresting.

Own Wilson is another guy who is sometimes great in a a role for bringing out unexpected comedy. In this role, the comedy was expected but it never showed up. It would not take a full hand to count the number of genuinely funny things that happen and are said. I really expected some smart, quick humor, but I got a formulaic movie where jocks make fun of nerds and the gumpshin of a couple of guys who didn't know anything about computers was enough to beat the brightest minds that the best schools have to offer.

This movie blows.
Story was crap.
Acting was half good - maybe less.
Directing was awful.
Comedy was fleeting.



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