Second in my Mexican beer tasting extravaganza is this Sol beer. Tecate was a bad beverage. This one, I hope, will not be.

Smelling of sweet malt, this clear, golden yellow beverage has a head that runs away like a Frenchman when confronted by invading Germans. However, the French resistance keeps a good cover on top of the beverage and clings to the sides like a supply line from Spain. In with the sweet malt is a hint of something floral and a tad maybe sweet corn?

First sip is better than the last Mexican beer I had. Tip-in is tasteless - utterly tasteless. Next, there is a carbonation bit on the tip of the tongue. As it goes down, the corn and floral bits flow across the tastebuds. The finish is a bit warm on the back of the tongue while cool on the front. The sweet follows, but it's not what I would call overwhelming. It smelled sweeter than it tastes.

The only way I know how to get really familiar with a beer is to drink it like an Irishman - even if it is a Mexican beer.

That certainly changes matters. The beer still starts with a strange nothingness. It also has the carbonation bite. The middle is not tasteless - it's smooth. When it is wrapping up, it gets a bit too harsh. The bite is acidic rather than a hoppy bitter bite. The sweet is almost imperceptible. The flowers are a passing memory.

It's an okay beer, but it's not one I'd recommend. I'm sure it's good while watching the game or not paying attention - even while shoveling chips and salsa into your mouth with it. As a stand alone beverage, it needs a bit of work.



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