Tap Room No. 21 Amber Ale

I've had one of these Tap Room No. 21 beers before, and the pale ale at the time was not great. However, I'm not one to dismiss an entire brewery over one beer (as demonstrated by my tolerance of Magic Hat until I'd had enough) so I'll give the amber ale a try.

The color is a slight red hew added to a gold. It's typical of the brew, and it's basically a light copper. The head goes away as you'd expect, and a thing ring remains around the top. the aroma is nice. Most amber ales that I've encountered tend to be a bit watery, and the aroma reflects that. This one definitely isn't overpowering, but it has some nice maltiness to it.

First sip is pretty good. The tartness of the hops is noticeable before the sweet malt cuts it down. The sip is actually a darn good one. The finish end with that sweet taste, and this definitely has more character than a lot of the ambers I've had. Specifically, I'm thinking of Killian's Irish Red. Still, the proper taste comes from a proper draught.

A proper gulp leads to a very mild start followed by less hops than I expected followed by the sweetness of the malt with a tangy afterglow of hops. The overall effect maintains my experience with ambers in that it is a very mild beer in general. I could see kicking back a few of these - especially with some starchy foods (usual bar fare, after all). It's definitely quaffable. I'm pretty happy with how this turned out.



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