Solomon Kane (2009)

So, once you find out that your soul is bound for hell as a result of the thousands of terrible, horrible things you've done and there is nothing you can do about it, do you weigh your options? How many warlords do you think would take this as a moment of introspection? Meet Solomon Kane.

Solomon meets the bad CG messenger of Satan who tells him of his fate and our hero subsequently gives up his marauding life of killing and presumably other horrific deeds to become a wondering loner ala Dr. Banner in the Hulk TV series. To demonstrate his peacefulness, he even refuses a free ride from a friendly family. Predictably, that family befriends him anyway, and he gets the spiffy duds that you see in the poster.

It wouldn't be much of an action movie if someone didn't take the pretty daughter from the family and force Kane to renounce his pledge of non-violence in favor of a blood oath to kill everyone in between him and the lovely daughter. So, the killing starts. Some evil force has taken over a good portion of the land and is enslaving bad men with a mystical power that gives the baddie some kind of control over them as well as a minor enhancement to their natural abilities. The action isn't as convincing as it could be, but it's not horrible.

Not shockingly, the origin of the evil can be traced back to Solomon's past. His father, the king, and his brother whom he may or may not have accidentally or on purpose killed are both involved in it. So, Solomon has to wade through the human detritus in order to get to his family to kill the right ones and make sure the lovely hostage manages to get out alive.

The story is okay. Not very different.
The dialogue is bland.
The action is okay.
Effects are better in some spots than others.
Direction is okay.
Cinematography is good.



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