Admission (2013)

I like Tina Fey. She's got a certain something about her that makes her seem down to earth while she is simultaneously very pretty and clearly unapproachable. Her wit tends to solidify when she is put in awkward situations, and she has to slide her way out as ham-fistedly as is possible to make it good and funny.

This story is about an admissions counselor for Princeton who has become callused about the thoughts and feelings of the students she is rejecting while trying to claw her way up the admissions staff ladder to become dean. The Dean, incidentally, is played by Wallace Shawn, the guy in The Princess Bride who kept saying, "Inconceivable." As part of her attempt to climb to this new position, she does a site visit to a new school run by Paul Rudd.

Inevitably, a romance ensues. So, yes, this is a romantic comedy. I should really have my wife do this review to be more fair to it, but I can tell you that it was pretty decent. I mean, I've seen a few movies in my day, and I would have to say a larger part than I would have wanted to see were rom-coms. This movie was certainly one of the more tolerable ones.

Perhaps the break-out actress in this movie was Tina Benko as Andrea. I know what you're thinking: who is she, and what is her role? Well, she's a very talented and pretty actress who I get very few chances to see on screen (although she WAS in the Avengers with a speaking part). I have no idea who Andrea was. I WANTED to know who she was, as I had understood that Tina was in it before I saw it, but her part must have been so small that I just didn't get to see her.

The movie was fairly boilerplate.
Storyline was what you'd expect.
Dialogue got good in some spots.
Cinematography was decent.
Direction was decent.
All told, it was an okay rom-com.



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