The Factory (2012)

This movie has nothing to do with a factory.

I suppose it's supposed to be a kind of metaphor or something, but I had hopes for a factory popping out at some point, and there was none to be had.

John Cusack picks some odd ones these days, doesn't he? I'm not sure why he thought this would be a great movie, but I'm still waiting for an explanation as to why The Raven was good enough to be a movie at all. This is a fairly straight-forward police drama about a guy who (for realz) spends too much time at work hunting a bad guy, and his family resents it. Then, in an all-too foreseeable twist, the policeman's daughter gets taken by THE SAME GUY!

Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter's sister) is pretty much the same character put in a different situation. She acts exactly the same with exactly the same looks, movements, and pretty much everything. She's got one way to play a policewoman, and that's what she's going with. I don't blame her - this movie was probably not worth bringing out a whole new character for.

It's not a horrible movie. It's just that its premise is a bit tired. Sure, they try to add a twist or two, but in the end, it's all the same. It would probably make a good Saturday Afternoon Movie on one of the major free networks, but it wouldn't be compelling as a rental unless you just wanted something on the TV to make noise.

Wow. I'm still finding myself talking about how bad it was, and it really wasn't that bad. It was just kind of dull. The problem that I see is that I had expectations based on the good John Cusack movies, and I WANTED it to be so much more than it turned out to be.

Cinematography was decent.
Direction was moderate.
Acting was good enough.
Storyline was just a re-hash.
Dialogue was predictable.



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