Collection, the (2012)

This is supposed to have come from the minds that brought us some of the Saw movies, and they appeared to be having a very off day when they came up with this. This is the sequel to the movie "The Collector" that I had never heard of. According to what I've read, Josh Stewart was in that original movie. Based on the amount of awesome in this movie, that one must have been all kinds of crap.

Josh Stewart always looks like he's about to fall asleep. He's not an inspiring action hero. It's just as well though - this isn't an inspiring horror story. What I expected was more of a movie about a collector collecting things. Now, it might be a collection of limbs, bodies, faces, eyeballs, spleens, or fingernails, but I expected a guy (or girl, although these killers are usually guys) collecting stuff. As a result, there would be some nuance to the story about a compulsion. Normally, these guys will have many aspects of their lives that reflect their mental disorder, and their style of killing will also be reflective of it. Well, this guy just kills people with overly-complicated devices. I don't know what that has to do with collecting or a collection, but it's not compelling.

So, our sleepy hero was captured in the first movie, and he escapes at the beginning of this movie. For some reason, he's immediately cuffed to the bed as if he's a criminal. Police presumably interview him, and then a guy shows up looking for a girl who was at the party that was going on while Sleepy escaped. The investigator manages to convince Sleepy to take them to the place where he was being held so they can rescue the girl.

Once they get there - shock - the investigator reveals that he hand his crew of armed chaff will not honor their agreement, and they threaten Sleepy with death if he doesn't lead them through the labyrinth of traps and certain death inside the "abandoned" building. Our hero doesn't recognize that the likelihood that they would shoot him is low, while the likelihood that the deranged murderer who held him captive and tortured him killing him is actually pretty high.

I'm not going to go into the horrors inside the building, but they're varied and deadly. some people blunder into traps, others get hands-on killings from the bad guy. Pretty much what you'd expect. After all, this is no elite team of people who specialize in clearing rooms. The investigator would have been better off informing SWAT as to where the house was and leaving it to professionals.

The camerawork was bad.
Acting was horrendous.
Story was terrible.
Dialogue was not good.
Directing was bad.
Editing was passable.
It was not scary.



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