The Jacket (2005)

Adrien Body has a massive nose. I mean, that thing needs its own zip code. I only comment on it because it was distracting. I find it distracting during every Adrien Body movie, and I don't really know what he can do about it this side of just getting the sucker reduced, and that would make him THAT guy. Of course, his razor commercial bills him as one of the sultans of style alongside Andre 3000 and someone else. They pretty much all need a punch in the face.

So, he's in this movie. He's in it with the lovely Keira Knightley as the love interest. Keira somehow manages to do an American accent pretty well in this film, but it's kind of hard to imagine someone as pretty as her taking a liking to Adrien. In fact, it's hard to imagine someone THAT pretty being in this little town for very long at all.

The surprise in this film was actually James Bond himself, Daniel Craig. I had seen this movie before, and I didn't even remember that he was in it. That shows how bad I am, not how bad HE was. I'm reminded of the very good job that Brad Pitt did as the mental patient in 12 Monkeys. Likewise, Daniel does an amazing job as a mental patient. Arguably, he brings the best performance in the movie.

The essence of the movie is that a vet who got a head injury during the war get accused of killing a cop, which he can't remember enough to defend himself against. As a result, he is institutionalized in a place where Kris Kristofferson is essentially experimenting on patients. He drugs them up, puts them in a straight-jacket, and locks them in a morgue body drawer. That's when the magic happens.

For some unexplained reason, Adrien travels forward in time and can interact with people there. He learns about his upcoming death and lots of details about the past that help him in the present. It's an interesting take on the whole time-travel thing, and it's done pretty well for the most part. I guess, in a lot of ways this movie reminds me more and more of 12 Monkeys. I liked that movie a lot.

The cinematography was very good.
Direction was pretty good.
Editing was good.
Acting was very good.
Storyline was decent.
Dialogue was marginal.



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