Shadow People (2013)

This kind of sucked. First issue is the way they chose to film it. Have you ever seen The Fourth Kind? Well, they followed that method of film making, and it really wasn't good enough to emulate.

The idea is that The Blair Witch Project and its ilk have devalued the idea of a first person filmed event. So, we need to make it seem even more real by having actors play out certain scenes and then also have footage of other people that are labeled with "actual home footage" or somesuch. It's a horrific attempt to make the movie more impactful, and it is a cheap and senseless trick that results in tedious split screens or confusing segues. 

The acting here is pretty shabby. They brought out Amber from House, MD, but she didn't have that big of a role, and I'm not sure it would have mattered in the first place. The whole story revolves around our intrepid radio personality who gets nutty calls from people and treats them as if they are sane. As a result, he starts to think of their theories as sane, and bad things happen.

Eventually, a CDC "scientist" is involved, and she explains that the shadow people who are killing everybody are actually a type of placebo effect, and these people believed that the shadow people existed, and that is why they are dead. This self-evidently stupid and preposterous idea should never have come from someone who claimed to be a scientist, and it is ridiculous that we are supposed to believe pretty much any of this. 

The acting was crap.
The directing was horrible.
The editing was bad.
The camerawork was bad.
I don't normally comment on audio, but it was crap.
The story is laughable, but this isn't a comedy.



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