Samuel Adams White Christmas Ale

I do not know from whence this came. Rather, from when. I know my brother bought it and brought it to mom's house, but she doesn't remember when, and I can only assume it was about six months ago. I look at the convenient notch on the side, and it is best enjoyed by April; a month and a bit ago. 

So, it is clearly unfair to do a proper review of this limited edition ale. I can do a review from the hip, but I'm not going to give it an overall rating. Unlike Phineas and Ferb (or whatever they were called) Sam went through the amazingly minor effort of notifying me on the bottle that there was a date at which I would not enjoy this as much as I should. In addition, Sam put their beverage in a brown bottle to try to protect it. 

It has an oddly malty aroma - nothing skunky about it. I don't have a good glass to pour into, so lets just agree that it looks pretty in a glass. I mean, I'm sure it does. Beer usually does - even the crappy ones like HiCu (wow, that one was horrific).

The taste is a bit off. Not surprising. It's got a hop and a malt and definitely had some spices added to it. I mean, it's beer under there, and I can certainly drink it, but its not as good as it probably once was, and it's just not fair to judge beyond saying that the fresh stuff is at least decent. 


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