Maniac (2012)

He's a maniac, maniac on the floor.

This is a remake, and I never saw the original. This one stars Frodo as a serial killer, and I assume the previous one either had Bilbo or Sam. Either way, Frodo clearly has mommy issues and that's a darn good excuse to start killing women. It will also get in the way of actual relationships.

The movie is shot from a first person perspective. It gives the movie a very different feel, but it also makes some of the scenes more awkward and difficult to follow. The camera tricks and special effects department was working overtime to try and get the angles right, reflections right, and have the audience seamlessly move from once scene to the next with the belief that they were actually looking through the eyes of the killer. Unfortunately, the special effects weren't 100%, and they couldn't do much for the rest of the movie.

If I could sum this movie up in a word, that word would be: boring. The problem is that we get inside the mind of a maniac, and it turns out to be a very dull place to be. Okay, I get it, his mother was promiscuous and he's obsessed with her as a result. His interaction with other women is either a facade of his gentle self or simply as a predator. Oh, what's that? He's awkward when a woman tries to have a meaningful relationship? Wow - there's a movie.

The special effects were very, very good.
The direction was pretty good.
The editing was good.
The writing was dull.
The dialogue was predictable.
The cinematography was very good with a high difficulty level.

Overall, the movie just wasn't worth watching. Frodo did a pretty good job as a killer, and the blonde chick I'd never seen before was good as the stereotypical artist/photographer. But, you can only be as good as your script.



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