Last Passenger (2013)

So, there are six people trapped on a moving train plus a mysterious driver. The driver is hell-bent on keeping the train going in what we can only assume (at least for most of the movie) is a suicide attempt. One Russian guy, an old woman, an uppity businessman, and a hot chick who forms a relationship with our hero, a doctor with his son.

The people (other than the Russian) are supposed to be British. Honestly, this movie would have been half as long if there had been an American. Maybe HE would have remembered some basic physics and put an end to this quickly. I mean, they had a train full of stuff to pick from, and they decided the best course of action was to use the big metal pole to try and stab at the window of the driver compartment.

Did they try to disconnect the engine and fail? No.
Did they try to get the engine on the other end of the train to start counter-pulling the other direction? No.
Did they try to use the pole as a lever to open the door? No.
Did they even get an inclusive inventory of stuff on the train to find further options? No.
Did they take valuable time and waste it sitting around swapping stories? Yup.

Like a lot of these thrillers, nothing is completely thought through, and there are twists that get introduced that strain credulity. And that's just the storyline. The audio suffers from that all-too-common issue of ignoring train noises when they are inconvenient. For that matter, the train movements don't seem to translate into movements of the actors; this is the smoothest runaway train ever.

I've seen worse movies, and I've seen better ones.

The acting was pretty good (especially after watching A Common Man).
The dialogue was questionable.
The story was a means to an end - that end being the creation of a movie.
Cinematography was okay. I mean, they clearly had no budget and one set.
Direction was mediocre.
Special effects were pretty bad.



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