Here Comes the Boom (2012)

Kevin James is kind of hit and miss. He's usually pretty good as kind of a supporting character like in Hitch, but sometimes he falls flat like I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. Of course, that just might boil down to the writing more than anything, but I assume they get a comedian to try to help out the script with his own comic tweaks.

It was good to see Henry Winkler in a supporting role. The only things I can remember him being in lately were bit roles in Scream and Click. He gets a more substantial role here as the music teacher in danger of losing his job as a result of budget cuts. Kevin is a teacher in the school who decides that something must be done to protect the liberal arts, so he starts an MMA career to try to win enough money to keep the music program alive.

Salma Hayek is the unrealistically attractive woman who works at the school as a nurse and eventually gives into the charm of the lovable, goofy biology teacher who used to love teaching, then got bored with it, and for no discernible reason loves it again. His over-the-top attempts to date her fall on deaf ears until she sees that he really has a heart of gold.

Insert students who don't care about learning until he turns his act around and at least one student who already applies herself more than he does. Then add administrators who are too concerned with the functioning of the school to worry about such daft things as students or happiness. Now, combine all that with the tired storyline of something happening at the last second to make the final fight too important to lose, and the loveable underdog has to rise up to victory.

It's a bland movie that does little more than waste time of the day. It's got a few chuckle points, but that's about it. It's not worth a rental. It's not even worth streaming, really.



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