Brooklyn Summer Ale

I've been drinking a lot of beer from New York lately. Not surprisingly, something named Brooklyn is made in New York. Specifically, it was made in Utica.

It is a pale gold. It's not pale like a Rolling Rock or something really, really pale. The head sticks around in a good amount - kind of clumpy, but not unattractive. The aroma is strong with malt and a bit of hops. I expected more hops from an ale, and a summer ale typically is lighter in color and taste, so I wonder what I should be expecting from the taste.

Time to find out. First sip brings a somewhat sweet malt wit a bit of hops on the heels of a bit of fruit and citrus. It's a bit of a sharp taste, but it's pretty good. It's an interesting mix that lends itself well to drinking on the patio with a bit of sun falling down and a puppy scurrying in the yard. Whoa. Did I just lapse into something there? I'm going to grab a big swig, and I expect you people to be there when I get back. Don't go sit on your patio unless you have a laptop and a wireless connection so you can keep reading.

It brightens the beverage up to drink it more quickly. The malt is more prevalent, which really still seems odd to me. I expect an ale to be steeped in hops, but this is still a very good beer. The malt is simple and very good. The finish improves with a larger draught, and the hops add a very nice twinge to the whole thing.

Maybe I will sit on the patio and drink a few more. It's a nice night, and I have a couple of pups that like to sniff the yard.



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