Samuel Adams Boston Lager

Lets start with the basics - this beer is popular. When you think about Sam Adams, this is probably the beer you're thinking of (aside from thinking about his spreading propaganda, instigating a revolution, and drinking tea out of the harbor or some such historical eccentricities). I suppose this is to be expected as this was the first beer the Sam Adams Brewery ever put out. Also, Americans seem to have a great fondness for lagers, so this is typically going to be the cash crop.

The head is good, and it dissipates in a reasonable amount of time while sitting. There's a nice ring of bubbles left around the top, and that steeples fairly well down the sides as you drink. The aroma is ALL lager. I mean, if I were to cast a smell in the role of lager, I would just as surely pick this as I would pick the Steelers to win on Sunday - any Sunday, even if they weren't playing.

There's a tiny bit of hops and a wee wisp of citrus or something similar in the taste. It's surrounded on all sides by the malt. It's a decent malt. Heck, it's a decent beer. When you compare this to other American lagers, it's a very good beer, but that isn't really a fair comparison. That's comparing a Ford Fusion and a Nissan Versa - there's not much to compare, as few would cross-shop them.

The beer has more flavor than I had expected, and it's not a bad one. It's got a bit of an unexpected finish, but it's not too harsh or jarring. As lagers go, again, it's solid.



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