New Belgium Dig Pale Ale

It's a Spring Seasonal. It's a Belgian ale, so you know what that means: Citrus! I never think of Belgium and imagine oranges and lemons and other assorted citrus fruits, but they appear to be very fond of the citrus in their spring ales, so I assume they have them.

The aroma is very lemon. It's got hops in there, too, but the lemon is distinctive. The head dissipates quickly, but we're left with a good ring of bubbles, so I'm cool with it. The bubbles don't seem to stick too well to the glass, so there's that. The color is a bit more brown than I expected. Not as much red or yellow as I expected.

The taste is a bit dull. there's quite a bit going on, but it's all over the place. It's got hops peeing out, but there's all the passion fruit and mango and peach and MY GOD the lemon. I think the brewmaster was drinking lemonade one day and said, "Hey, why don't we have a lemonade beer? What? Mike's Hard Lemonade exists? Well, we can make a lemonade ale, dammit!"



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