Samuel Adams White Lantern White Ale

I didn't read the label before writing most of this review, and I would have had different expectations if I had. This is a Belgian White Ale, and consequently has quite a bit of non-Reinheitsgebot ingredients.

It starts with a thick head that dissipates fairly quickly. It leaves a ring of thin bubbles around the edge that steeple nicely as the beer goes down. The beer itself is cloudy, but it does not have sediment or anything indicative of a bottle-conditioned beer.

The aroma is really weak. It's more floral than hoppy with maybe a bit of lemon or a citrus fruit in there. I like for my ales to have enough stink that I can smell the hops from my chair while it is sitting on my table next to me. It's not a fantastically long distance, so I wouldn't think it is asking too much.

The taste is also kind of weak. I'd say it has more malt or something. No, not malt. It's not hops, either. It's wheat. It's definitely some kind of wheat beer, and I'm not generally a fan of most wheat beers. It's weak enough to not bother me too much, but its not like this is something I'm going out of my way to have again.



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