Dundee India Pale Ale

I recently got a sampler pack of Dundee beers, so expect a few reviews on them.

First up is the IPA. Hailing from Rochester New York, this will be the first of the Dundee lineage that I sample, and I have high hopes. Why? Honestly, as far as I can tell, it's just blind optimism. Well, let's get it on.

The head is thick and lingering. That's good. The aroma is strong; it lingers and is distinctly malty.

At first draught, I'm not sure what to make of it. The initial taste is mild, but good. It then drops into a weak and relatively unforgettable taste. Right there, it reminds me of a brown ale with its almost dead and watery core; and this lasts a while into the drink. Then, as you start to finish the sip, the hops start to tickle the top of your mouth. Then it finishes with a bite. It's not too hard, but it lets you know it's there.

The motto for the beer is "Bold and Bitter," but I'm not sure that hits the mark. Maybe that was what they were going for, but it isn't where they wound up. They wound up with an inconsistent experience that left me wishing for a different beer. Maybe the one they were shooting for; I could go for "Bold and Bitter."



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