Catch 44

Bruce Willis and Forrest Whitaker. How could this not turn out great?

Two words: Aaron Harvey.

See, Aaron was the writer and director of this film. The problem is that he saw some old Quentin Tarantino movies and thought he could produce the same kind of movie on a budget. This is heavily influenced by Pulp Fiction, but it actually has more in common with Reservoir Dogs; both movies I enjoyed quite a bit.

The scenes are shown out of order, and the effect is jarring and unfortunate. The characters are given artificial and caricature-esque affectations that are nothing more than the attempt to be artistic that Hollywood thinks the world either wants or needs. It is wrong.

There is substantial violence sprinkled throughout the film, but, where it was used to great effect and enjoyment in something like Kill Bill, it is ultimately pointless and masterbatory in this context. Also, who teaches these people how to handle guns? They need to learn proper handling techniques.



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