Batch 19 Pre-Prohibition Style Lager

I like ales. It may be a personal failing, but that's the way - as they say - the cookie crumbles.

Lagers and I have had a hot and cold relationship, as there are too many bad ones out there. Few and far between are the lagers (with their heavy malt and very sparse hops) that are distinctive and pleasing. Today's attempt comes from the people at Coors. Yes, the people who "brew" the swill known as Coors Lite and the Banquet Beer that I would not even drink at a banquet. They brew the assaults to the tastebuds known as Zima, Keystone, and Turbo 1000.

However, they brew the perfectly acceptable (if somewhat bland) Killian's and Blue Moon. So, where does this Batch 19 fall in the series of hits and misses?

The claim is that this is "inspired" by a pre-prohibition recipe. So, the lies start.

The bottle is kind of odd. I'm not sure if those ribs are for her pleasure or if they are supposed to be period accurate. As the recipe is not actually a pre-prohibition recipe, I'm guessing it is the same poser way of faking old styling. So, they must be aiming for the hipster crowd. That doesn't bode well.

The pour was simple. enough of a head to let you know it's there but not so much that it's an issue to get to the beer underneath. I guess years of brewing experience has prepped them for this. The head sticks around, which you may recall I very much like to see. It's an aesthetic thing.

The aroma is malty, as you might expect. And the beer is... surprisingly good. It's flavor is sweet and malty. It's actually really good. The finish adds a touch more sweetness to the flavor and makes me want to get another draught. Then, it makes me want to get another beer. NO. It's Thursday, dammit! I'm not having two. One is fine. Better than fine, it's very, very good. The hops are in there adding a bunch of flavor, but the malt cuts right through that to make it flavorful and smooth.



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