Sam Adams Alpine Spring (Seasonal)

I had a good lager with the supposed pre-prohibition style Batch 19. It's so rare for me to come across a lager that I enjoy so much that any follow-up lager would inevitably pale in comparison. And it's kind of inevitable that I will compare the two.

Another good, thick head that stays around like a party guest who is unaware that the party has finished. I do like that in a beer. I guess I notice it more after the milk stout that basically had no head, yet it still tasted great. I missed the foam.

It's been very lightly hopped. According to Sam, they used a single type of hop in this one, and they picked a good one. It's aroma is not complex, but it's inviting. The taste echos the smell. It's simple and straight forward; not that there's anything wrong with that. The malt is smooth and laid back.

It's a bit of a shame that this is only a seasonal brew. This could easily replace their more popular "Boston Lager" as the mainstay of the brewery. In fact, having tasted the aforementioned standard on more than one occasion, the reputation of Sam Adams would be much better for it.



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