Boulevard Single-Wide IPA

So, they were out of the Pale Ale, so I got the IPA. Not a bad trade-off, I suspect. I'm not sure how many trailer parks they have in India. Nor am I informed on the number they have in jolly old England where the IPA style was birthed. Boulevard is a local Kansas City brewery, and I'm pretty certain they have their fair share of them here.

Like a single wide, this brew is uncomplicated and smells funny. It foams like almost nothing I've had before. Maybe one of Cammo's beers might rival the excessive and distressingly thick foam, but Cammo manages to put some good taste under that foam most of the time.

This beer is swill. It's got a "best by" date, and I shudder to think of what it must taste like after that date. The hops are likely grown in a cesspool in the horrid Missouri part of KC. (Cue Abe Simpson's "I'll be dead in my grave before I recognize Missoura!")

It is supposed to have been bottle conditioned. I suspect they didn't have the sophistication necessary to filter the beer, and that's their excuse for the sediment. It's just not good. Not good at all. I can't think of any redeeming characteristics.

Rarely have I simply abandoned a beer while it was more than half full, but this is one of those occasions.



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