Dundee Pilsner

Why is it that I hear the name Dundee, and I can't help but think about Australia? Don't get me wrong, I know that guy is a national treasure there, but I hope I'm not the only one who just can't picture anything but wallabies upon hearing the name. Either way, this sucker is from New York (the state).

Pilsners are malty. Like hops, some malts taste better than others. I have oft found myself regretting the decision to have a pilsner, as the malts are usually not of my taste. This one came in a big ole multi-pack, so I figured I would give it a go.

The aroma is not overwhelming, but there's kind of a lemony scent that is right around the edges of the malt. If there are hops in there, I can't smell 'em. Not over that malt.

I like the look of the beer. It's very clear and pale. the head is nice and frothy, and it doesn't go entirely away. The look is about right for a pilsner - the last beer I had that looked like this was a blonde. I can only hope at this point that my experience with the blonde is not duplicated. I have yet to find a blonde that I actually like.

So, the taste. It's just kind of okay. The malt definitely overpowers the hops, and the lemon just kind of flashes at different points. Right in the middle, it's watery and tasteless, but it tries hard to finish, and it almost does. Almost. Instead, it's more of an aftertaste.

I hope the next Dundee in the hopper is better.



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