Newcastle Brown Ale

It is likely you who read this have already had a Newcastle. I asked for the extensive list of ales at this hotel, and the guy (who appeared to be the manager) listed a few styles with no brands associated with them. He mentioned Guinness, but when I pressed him on if they were bottle or cans, he said, "They are bottles. And it's Dark. Guinness Dark." I went ahead and corrected him by informing him that it was Guinness Black, and it was a lager. And it sucked.

So, I ordered a Newcastle. It's not great. I probably won't order a second one. Looks like they have Boulevard Pale Ale, so I'll go with that for the next beer. I mean, I have nothing to do but stream Amazon Prime in my hotel room, and this bar is really just stumbling distance away. No, I won't actually have that many. I'm past the point in my life when that was fun.

So, the beer. It's not fantastic. I'm not a fan of brown ales in general, as anyone who bothers reading this blog knows. And I was ready to give this is moderately passable review it deserves, but then my food came. Surprisingly, the beer does a pretty good job of standing up to the saltiness of the bacon and the tartness of the pickles. So, I guess this is a pretty good beer for a meal, but its just not great for sitting and enjoying as a standalone beverage.



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