Why do I let Netflix pick movies for me? This one had high ratings, so I figured they couldn't be completely off. Could they? They had a contest to find a better picking algorithm, and they have invested millions in it - or was it thousands? Anyway, it was way more than I spent.

Well, I have had a few stinkers recently. Sinister looked like it could break that pattern. It had a decent budget and even had an 'A' list actor - Ethan Hawke. Hell, they had "could have been president" Fred Thompson as a supporting actor.

Well, hello predictable crapfest. First off, why is it like 50% of leading characters in movies these days are writers? Does anyone in Hollywood ever venture outside to see what regular people do for a living? Oooo, the tormented writer who is always working so diligently to try and get the next big story out there; how I sympathize with your plight. Except... no, I don't. If it's such a hassle, go out and get a regular job.

The story isn't scary. The main character appears to be afraid of everything and has a weak stomach - so yes, let's make him a true crime author; they're known for their delicate constitutions. He also demonstrates a distinct lack of understanding of how investigations work, evidence is handled, and notes are taken. But hey, he's just a struggling writer who we all have to instantly love.

It wasn't the worst movie ever, but it's got nothing going for it.



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