Eurofix - Murfreesboro, TN

I own a Volkswagen. In fact, I own two.

I had an issue with one of my cars, and - through a complicated series of circumstances - I had gotten a quote from both the VW dealership here in Murfreesboro and Eurofix which is just down the street. I expected the dealership to be expensive with the replacement of an auxiliary fan, and Eurofix quoted me significantly lower, so I told Eurofix to have at it.

First off, the people at Eurofix are very nice. They are very accommodating and excessively polite. If you want water or the kind ear of a professional at dealing with worried and angry Volkswagen owners, you should swing by.

However, that's where the underwire bra snaps. I had previously had an unfortunate experience with Eurofix misdiagnosing my car and then charging $200 for a fix that did nothing. Nevertheless, I don't like the dealership after they broke my car when fixing it once and then gave it back to me without telling me. So, I gave Eurofix a shot.

First, they replaced the wrong fan. That was the one that they had diagnosed, and it turns out that it was why they used when they gave me the great quote. THAT makes a lot more sense, I thought. Okay, as long as you're the same price as the dealership, fix the right damn thing. Turns out, they were significantly more expensive than the dealership.

In summary, they are very nice people who are incompetent and expensive. I've gone back to the slightly less incompetent and only slightly less expensive dealership filled with crooks. I will never buy another VW as long as I live in this town.



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