Redstone "Nectar of the Hops" Mead

Here's the thing. I think I used the wrong glass. What I found was that cold mead should be served in a glass with a stem, so I grabbed one of the rarely-used wine glasses that we have. I'm pretty sure I could have just gone with one of the beer glasses that I have with a stem, and you would have a better idea what color the mead is. Ah well - you live and you learn.

The beverage is a clear gold almost the color of a watered down honey. The aroma is really weak, but I think I smell honey and sweetness. The problem is that I only think that I do - I can't know for sure. Honestly, there is an aroma vaguely similar to that Blue Flame moonshine that I had a while back; this doesn't make sense, and I don't know why I smell it.

First sip makes me want to say the same thing I said about almost every other mead I've tried - it taste like a sweet white wine. I'm not familiar with wine at all, and maybe I should just start running these things past my sisters for their input (they are both lovely ladies who can say a thing or two about wine at holidays). Instead, I will just meander around like a blind man trying to describe a painting.

Tip-in is very light carbonation added to honey-sweet wine. Gulping mead just never seems right, so more sips (that are a bit larger) don't reveal a whole lot more. The wine is a bit prickly, and I can only attribute that to maybe some floral or pine hops, but the honey is deadening the flavor while letting the nettles through. The finish is more of the sweet honey.

Bottom Line: I've gotten to understand mead, and this could use a bit of refinement.



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