Tyskie Gronie

This is a Polish beer that my mother gave me to try after she was given a case of it by a Polish priest that she knows. The problem is, I'm not exactly sure how long this sat around before I got to it, and I'm afraid this might be a little out of date for me to even be trying. Nevertheless, I'm gonna try it.

The very pale gold beer has a white head of dense, scattered foam. What hits me first is not the color or even the head - the beer has a distinct skunk aroma to it. I check the date, and for sure, the "best by" date is two months past. I'm not thinking two months should be that far out of spec for the beer, but the aroma is really telling me different. Of course, I've had other beers that had a bit of a skunk funk that was just part of what they are.

First sip is ... not skunked. I guess that aroma is just part of its deal. Instead, it is a sweet malt and very light hops that might be pine, but they are really light, so don't hold me to it. It definitely has a strong malt to it, and I'll stand by that statement.

Tip-in is light carbonation tingle, a little lemon, a little bread, and a bunch of water; the carbonation surges as it approaches the middle. The center of the beer really fills the mouth with that sweet malt that is now a bit more crackery with grains piled high in the mouth. The finish is a whip of carbonation and then a trail off of bitterness.

Bottom Line: Meh.



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