Bearded Iris "Wavelength" Double IPA

Why not? Why not another Bearded Iris double IPA? You ask me, there aren't enough of them. Now, many people may disagree with me. Those people may say that the dozen or so that they currently put out are really enough for anybody, but the people who make that argument should really just shut up. I'm busy drinking. Don't screw with my enjoyment of beer.

Now we're talking. This is the juice orange that I've come to know and love from these guys. A reasonable trace of lacing is left like footprints in the snow along the sides of the glass. The aroma is that familiar citrus with a moderate helping of tropical fruits to balance out the hoppy goodness.

First sip is sweeter than I imagined or expected from one of these hop-centric Bearded Iris DIPAs. It sure has the hops in it to give that fruit tang, but the malt is doing an amazing job at sweetening the whole experience. I don't know what to think other than that I have to drink this properly now.

Tip-in is agave sweet with almost no carbonation and the citrus is only clinging to the sides of the mouth. The middle slurps a whole bowl of fruits that are ripe and tart, but the sweet agave rolls along to keep spirits up. The finish is an abrupt cessation of fruit, and the malt turns into a dough before the trail-off of dry fruit rind.

Bottom Line: Solid, but they may be a victim of their own variety.



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