Stone "22 Anni-Matter" Double IPA

I must have misread the label to think it said "anti-matter" like a dozen times. This is a 22nd anniversary beer, and it seems odd to me for a brewery to celebrate their 22nd anniversary, but it seems like the kind of thing Stone (brewers of Arrogant Bastard) might do. But, I'm happy they are celebrating with a DIPA, that's for sure.

The copper beer has a resilient head that may not be the thickest, but it has staying power. The aroma is delightful citrus and sweet bread malt; a honey highlights it all very well. I'm not saying this is the best DIPA ever, but that's only because I haven't started drinking it yet.

First sip is tropical fruits and bitterness. I'm really surprised as how bitter and musty the taste is for a DIPA from Stone. I'm pretty sure I could not sip this beer for very long before giving up entirely, but sipping isn't what this blog is known for (and it's not really known at all).

Tip-in is tart tropical fruits with mild carbonation tingle. The middle is the bread malt and honey mixed with tropical and stone fruits for a masterpiece of a taste. The finish is a snap of bitter with a resin and bready trail-off.

Bottom Line: Sip it, and it'll stink. Swig it, and it is sensational.



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