Knee Deep "Breaking Bud" IPA

This is my second Knee Deep beer, and it shares the strange anthropomorphic hop on the front of the can that its sister did. I guess it's just kind of their thing? In any event, this is an IPA from a brewer who clearly knows their way around beer, and I am welcoming to any kind of strange label that might surround a good beer. Aside from Nazis. I don't want Nazis.

The hazy, dull gold beer has a proper, thick IPA head on it that leaves lacing more than I had dreamed of (and I dream about lacing a lot more than you might expect). The aroma is predictably citrus and it has a good, wet dough malt backing it up with a hint of pine on the horizon. The whole presentation is making a thirsty man even thirstier.

First sip is much, much smoother than I anticipated. The citrus hops are playing very well with the doughy bread and it is backing it up like a champ. The resin is more than I could smell, but it's all very... harmonious in its presentation.

Tip-in is a bit tart, and the resin is assertive with the citrus while pine lingers in the background. The middle is thick with citrus and bread, but it is smooth and goes down so easily that it is a little frightening. The finish brings a bitterness that is still held back, but it's definitely shining some light through the malt sheetcover.

Bottom Line: Impressively easy to drink, and it has a lot of flavor to boot.



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