Braxton "Twisted Bit Dortmunder" Lager

I think I painted myself into a corner. I started off by talking about how the Revamp IPA was a great name in its simplicity and the way other brewers should follow suit and name their beers with similar restraint. Then, they added the word golden in their cream ale, and I was okay with it. Now, they couldn't just leave it Twisted, they had to add Bit, and I think Dortmunder refers to someone from somewhere in Germany. I don't know how it pertains, but I'm not a brewer, and maybe this means something to them.

The very clear amber beer has a pretty decent head on it, and it fizzles away to just about the same as the last one did - a covering on top that's stronger around the sides. It smells exactly like you expect a lager to smell. This has strong bread malt with that tint of yeast and a little bit of hops just kind of peeking through. So, presentation is exactly like a textbook definition of a lager.

First sip is very pleasant. It's not overwhelming with flavor, but it's not particularly watery. Instead, the bread malt and caramel aspects of the same malt are doing a good job of laying down a base for some light spices and a little nuttiness to play a game on top of it. I really was expecting a yeast backlash, but the malt seems to be holding it back.

Tip-in is surprisingly toasted malt with caramel and light breading on the side with the yeast already starting to make itself known. The middle rolls smoothly down the gullet with the caramel being joined by a coffee and the bread gaining some bit of grains. The finish is a brighter hit of a little carbonation with the yeast resurging just a bit and a tartness coming to the malt.

Bottom Line: This is a pretty good lager.



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