New Heights Damguday V Hazy IPA

Okay, New Heights, I get it - you feel like you can name every beer whatever you like. You're not wrong.  I'm not sure about the V - as the IV was a NE-IPA, and this is a "Hazy" IPA. BUT, that beer was really, really good, and I want to believe that you have more of that goodness in you.

The cloudy, golden beverage doesn't have much of a head, but I guess it leaves a little lacing as it goes down. I'm absolutely smitten with the profile of the aroma and all of its peach, apricot, tangerine, nectarine, and pine. This aroma smacks you on the nose, but it doesn't because it's playing - this isn't an assault.

First sip is a good one, but the back end is a bit of a mystery. While the front is sweet and filled with all those delicious fruits, the back end seems to bring the bitterness and even a little sourness or liquor style finish. I could probably sip this for quite some time, but I'm not gonna.

Tip-in is mild carbonation burn with a kind of apricot and peach wort. The middle is a smoothie of the apricot, pears, peach, tangerine, nectarine, and grapes all mixed together with a little bit of that wort tossed in for good measure. The finish has a bitter sparkle across the lips before a trail off of tartness leaves you wanting another drink.

Bottom Line: Call it whatever you want, this is a damn good day.



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