New Heights Damguday IV IPA

Two other Damguday beers have gone bast my lips. The V was fantastic, but the VI was a little lackluster. I'm thinking that the world works in mysterious ways, and if I go in reverse order these beers might get increasingly better as I go back in time like Marty McFly.

I normally start with the color, but the aroma of this beer is quite pronounced - to the point that I can smell it from several feet away after a couple of minutes. This is not to say that the smell is bad; quite the contrary. The aroma of sweet malt mixes with citrus goodness to make a doughy bowl of enticement. The color is a very hazy medium gold with a very thin head with no penchant for lacing, but the aroma makes up for a lot.

First sip is simple, crisp, smooth, and it has a slight bitterness on the tail end that ties off the sip nicely. If I were to sip this beer all night, I would imagine that I'd be happy, but we all know I don't roll like that. It's time for a swig.

Tip-in is floury dough malt with a bit of caramel on the outside. The middle gets a nice citrus smoothness without the sweetness. It is slightly tart and slightly bitter as it mixes with the flour to stir up a little dust. The finish is a flash of carbonation sting followed by a bit more bitterness and a caramel smoothness.

Bottom Line: V is better, but this is pretty exceptional on its own.



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