Mantra Omination Black Saison

This is an odd entry. This was packed with the white stout from Mantra, and I didn't like it very much. This is the balance (see, Mantra has a whole life balance, yoga thing going on) of a black version of a beer that isn't normally black against the white version of a beer that IS usually black. See what they did there? Well, I hope they did this one better than the last.

The beer is black, just like it says on the label. The patchy head has some decent staying power, and it brings an ominous presence to the beer like the blinky lights on Darth Vader's chest. The aroma is spices and flowers with carbonation spritzing its way through my nose. This bodes well.

First sip is almost like a barley wine with the heavy, heavy malt, light spices, gentle flowers, and those grains weaving themselves through everything. It's complex and dry, and it fills the mouth and soul with a little bit of fire - warming from the inside like a much calmer version of a liquor like moonshine, and that's probably just the respectable 7.3% ABV talking.

Tip-in is mild carbonation tingle with sweet malt, grains, and spice. The middle comes alive with dark fruits, more malts and grains, more spices, flowers, tea leaves, and molasses. The finish raises a dry receding of the sweetness with flowers hitting the grains and trailing off.

Bottom Line: A very solid entry to the point that I will seek out other black saisons.



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