Blackberry Farm Fenceline Belgian-Style Ale

Depending on who you believe, this is a Belgian ale, a saison, or possibly a farmhouse ale. Here's the thing: they're all the same kind of beer. Did I just blow your mind? Why the hell do they call the same kind of beer three different things? My guess (and I have a rule against doing much homework for this site) is that the Illuminati use the various names to send signals to each other.

The beer is a predictable clear gold with many delightful points of nucleation leading to the nice, pillowy head that is a bit cattywumpus, but it's got personality and girth in the right spots. The aroma is wheat, yeast, melon, and possibly more yeast. It's a Belgian yeast, so it's quite pungent and has a lot of character.

First sip is very nice. It's daunting, but that is to be expected from this kind of beer. Raisins are meeting the yeast and grains to form a strangely creamy middle, but the character is definitely in-your-face and makes no effort to apologize for it.

Tip-in is very funky yeast with grains slapping at the tongue while a gentle mist of melons wafts across the mouth. The middle picks up with a carbonation sting and lemon joins dark fruits with the others to smooth the effort out to allow the funk to get very mellow. The finish is a spice hit with the yeast jumping up and down to be seen and heard while the wheat gives a parting smack.

Bottom Line: Not for everyone, but I'm not everyone.



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