Tailgate "Marcus Maris Otter" Hazy IPA

I've had a look, and this is my 11th Tailgate beer. Generally, their beers have been on the positive side with a few outliers. I've even had a couple beers that I labeled is pretty outstanding. So, I have no compunction going out to find another one of their beers to try out. This hazy IPA is only the latest in their attempt to take over everything from right here in Nashville.

Just pouring this beer out into the glass bathes me in the aroma of citrus and tropical fruits. And when they say hazy, they're not kidding. No light comes through the center of this orange hued and almost pumpkin colored like beer. The head wasn't much to begin with, and it goes away pretty quickly. There isn't going to be any lacing going on today. Still, that aroma is very enticing.

First sip is pretty meaty. It's got a whole lot of fruits going on with some light melon, grapefruit, peach, and apricot all kinda vying for the right to dominate the taste buds. Even with a little sip, the whole mouth feels like it's just filled with fruits. There's definitely a citrus and acid that's coming along with it, but it's not the driving force of the beer.

Tip-in is pretty significant carbonation burn with the grapefruit, peach, and apricot all hitting with their rinds. The middle is joined by the melon and some orange, but the carbonation turns it up a notch while the citric acid decidedly mixes in to make the burning sensation more potent than the fruits can overcome. The finish is a little tart and bitter while the burning subsides, but we never get the sweetness from any of the fruits, so I don't know where the malt went.

Bottom Line: They've definitely made bitter beer, but this isn't the worst beer I've had all week.



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