Mill Creek Transcendent IPA

Another chance to try a Mill Creek beer, and I'm again looking forward to it. These guys are local to Nashville, as they are from nearby Nolensville, TN. I am pretty sure this place was not named after the famous director of the Dark Knight trilogy, but I can't verify that without doing research, and who wants to do that?

That is one of the most interesting shades of copper I've seen in a beer. I was immediately struck by it, and I'm not sure it comes across in this picture as striking as it is in person. The head isn't much to worry about, and it becomes a very simple dusting on top with minimal lacing. The aroma is sweet, thick malt with the meat of an orange backing it up nicely.

First sip is very stiff resin with a bread backbone, grass, and citrus chunks. I'm not sure I like it, though. The resin is pretty rough, and it masks any nuance that might be hidden in the depths of the beer. Instead, this becomes exactly the kind of beer that a ponce would slog through and suggest is good because he or she may lack the proper palate or simply likes the retro style of the can.

Tip-in is moderate carbonation sizzle with orange, bread, and a little bit of the resin, but it's not leading the band here. The middle is NOT smooth. This thing is nettles and spikes grinding their way down the back of the throat with grass and grains slapping the sides of the mouth. The finish is a hit of resin with honey and caramel, but there's no sweetness.

Bottom Line: It gets better with a little warmth, but it still needs refined.



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