Omnipollo "Nebuchadnezzar" Imperial IPA

I didn't like the previous beer that I got from these guys, but I like the cut of their jib, so I'm going to keep giving them tries for now. This one is an IPA, but it's an imperial IPA. Imperial Stouts and Imperial Porters have been around the edges of the styles that I like, but they are generally a little stolid and unapproachable. I'm hoping the Imperial IPA won't be.

The head doesn't stay around for long, but it's a little off-white while it's there. The beer under it is a pale straw-orange color with the aroma of citrus and grains. Oranges and apricots seems to be forward with pears and wheat in tow.

First sip is much more harsh than the aroma made me believe. It's tart and very bitter, but it has a dust of funk and a very forward yeast. All together, the beer is somewhat caustic and antiseptic - strangely not what I'm looking for in a beer.

Tip-in is oranges, tangerines, pears, and carbonation burn. The middle rises with a nice world of grains, mixed fruits, and thickness. The finish is a harsh bite of bitterness with a tartness in reserve.

Bottom Line: Pretty rough, but I'm going to keep drinking it.



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