Highland Brewing Daycation IPA

I'm told that these beers are available in bottles elsewhere, but I was only given the option of cans. It's probably cheaper to produce the beer in cans, cheaper to ship, and you can fit more in a truck without that weird bottleneck that's just taking up more room than it needs to do. Still, I'd have preferred a bottle.

The light yellow beer is hazy with quite a bit of detritus. It's got a fairly decent sized white head with medium-sized bubbles, and it's gonna leave some lacing; how awesome is lacing? The aroma is vaguely floral with some fruit backing it up. The carbonation in the nose is a kind of fizzing, and I don't normally notice that with beers.

First sip doesn't have as much in the way of flowers as I expected. It certainly has some, but the tangerine and mangoes are really kinda coming up front with lemon in tow. The flowers are more of a backdrop kind of like I would normally expect a malt to be. As for the malt, I'm not sure I'm really tasting any. It doesn't seem like it would be all that bad a beer to sip. But sipping isn't what we do here, is it?

Tip-in is lemon and citrus with very light carbonation sizzle. The middle brings the tangerine and the mango in, and the malt brings a certain amount of graininess into the mix. Again, the flowers that we were promised on the front of the can are more of a supporting cast then a featured player. They're there, but they're just doing their job diligently. The finish is a crisp end with a lemon twinge and flowers trailing off.

Bottom Line: This is a very drinkable beer, and I'm going to have another



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