Half Batch "Two Foot" Ale

From Hendersonville, TN comes this cheeky brewer who touts the hashtag #NeverHalfAss. I guess that's a good hashtag? I mean, it's going to be confused with a lot of other stuff, right? They couldn't have integrated Half Batch in it? Ah well, kids will learn.

The golden beer is doing its imitation of apple juice from concentrate, but it has a lot more carbonation. If it didn't retain the white head as well as it does, I would say this was a hard cider. Well, that would be until I smelled it. It is grain central in this house. Is this an ale? I got nothing but grain, bread, and I guess I might smell some lemon, but the aroma is definitely very lager-ish.

First sip is following the nose just like you might expect. The grains are corn-based, and then they have a bit of barley with the lemon shining somewhere behind it. I don't taste any cream in here or anything, but it is not all that bad to sip.

Tip-in is the heavy grains and even a lemon zest. The middle rolls in with cream, corn grains, barley, wheat, and lemon. The finish is a slight hit of tartness as the lemon rind rises up to almost meet the grains.

Bottom Line: Very drinkable but not particularly vivacious.



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