BrewDog Piña Playa Gose Ale

I can't help but notice the precipitous drop in average rating of the BrewDog wares. They hit a high point with the Hazy Jane, and they have disappointingly trailed off since then. Since I kind of put this one off to be the last of the most recent three that I picked up, I am not anticipating this bucking the trend, but these guys have the talent for brewing, so let's see what they did.

The full head of big, off-white bubbles boils away to a patchy cap that leaves very little lacing. Under it all is the mostly clear, yellow-gold beer with an aroma that isn't knocking me off my chair. It's much, much lighter than I expected, but it brings lemons, pineapple and... coconut. Some people might think that I'm a picky person with my choices, but I don't like coconut (in addition to the sour ales, coffee, and a bunch of other stuff).

First sip is not good at all. It has the pineapple and lemons, but it has the coconut and a sourness that I should probably have expected. This is not going well, and I know this is just going to get worse with the full swig, but I must follow the process - I am a slave to the process.

Tip-in is sour with very light carbonation tingle and some orange and lemon settling into a pineapple core. The middle is a bit better, as the sourness retards and the citrus meat comes around. The finish is a hellish nightmare of horrid sourness and coconut in top of the citrus.

Bottom Line: I challenge BrewDog to just make good beers and stop this experimental crap.



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