Sierra Nevada Experimental Hop Double IPA

Another Experimental Hop beer, and the first one has made me expect odd and great things. I think I understand now - lower expectations with the label 'Experimental' and then do whatever you want and hope that it comes out well. If it doesn't - it was labelled 'Experimental' so you get what you get. If it comes out well, the experiment is a success!

The copper beer has a head that is considerably stickier than its brother. The aroma is rather malty, as you might expect for a DIPA, but the citrus brightness is definitely contributing to the rather delightful presentation. I wanted a beer when I opened this, and I want a beer even more now.

First sip is a bowl of what the heck was that? I had let this get a little warmth into it before trying it, and it really brings out the resin. I mean - it's strong with the resin. The bread/caramel malt and citrus are there, but they are daunted by the enormous and in-your-face resin. There is wood in there with it. In fact, I might have said this was barrel-aged if I didn't read the can.

Tip-in is watery with the bready and caramel malt and a citrus spritz floating on top. The middle is a smooth sea of light orange and tangerine on top of the bread and caramel base; it's great! Then, the resin hits with the finish as the bitterness that is too much for the light hops comes alongside. The trail-off is light flowers and more resin.

Bottom Line: A very nice beer that is spoiled by trying too hard.



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