Nola Irish Channel Stout

Hey! NASA made a beer! And it's Irish! Wait - this is Nola. Isn't that New Orleans? Ah. This reminds me in concept of the .. was it a viking company or something that was in Wisconsin? Well, it's not like I write a blog where I could find out, so I may never know.

Black is the right color for a stout, so this one meets all expectations head-on. The minimal head is a lot lighter tan than most of its brothers, and it loses almost all of the head, but it leaves a curious star pattern that might also be some kind of alien. The aroma is coffee, earth, and chocolate. I'm not a fan of coffee, but let's see how well balanced this is.

First sip is a strange sensation of carbonation carrying vanilla with a chocolate covered coffee bean in the middle. Again, I'm not a huge coffee guy (okay, I really don't like it. I tried in college, but it just was never for me. Yes, I tried to add milk and sugar to the point that it was coffee-scented sweet milk, but it was never going to become a good beverage to me).

Tip-in is carbonation sting with the very light highlight of vanilla and roasted earth lurking. The middle opens into coffee backed with roasted grains and it's not terrible. Bitterness embedded in flakes of chocolate and grains back it, but it's not nice. There's a surge of sweetness that follows it up, but it's not enough.

Bottom Line: Better stouts exist, but this might hit the spot for a coffee lover.



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