Clown Shoes Space Cake Double IPA

You know, I went through a phase where I tried every hard cider I could get my hands on, and I overdid it to the point that I stopped looking forward to trying new ones. Well, I think I may be approaching the same point where comes to dessert beers. This is yet another double IPA that has been made into a dessert beer. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, as double IPA's tend to be sweet, but things are starting to get a little out of hand.

The beautifully bronze-gold beer has a head that really sticks around. I mean seriously, this didn't want to go away. But, it eventually does, leaving lacing all down the sides like wallpaper. To good look, but one I would typically associate more with an IPA than a double. But, these are the quirks craft beers, am I right? The aroma is light and a little sweet, but it seems a lot more grain heavy then I would ever have expected.

First sip is sweet and smooth. This is just about as sweet as I expected a dessert beer to be, and it definitely has a lot of flavor infused in it, but it's a lot more smooth than most of these double IPA dessert beers have been so far. I'm not sure I'm getting the full picture, but the glimpse that I'm seeing the perfectly palatable slow sipping beer for after dinner.

Tip-in is sweet and grainy with a sense of bitterness around the edges, but it doesn't go too far, as the sweetness is definitely holding it all back. The middle is kind of a letdown with the grains scraping across the back of the throat, the sweetness dying down to almost nothing, and some of the pine hops starting to peek through where they don't seem to belong. The finish is a wave of floral bitterness that genuinely has no place in this style of beer. I'm kind of left wishing I had only sipped.

Bottom Line: A little too spaced out for its own good, this is best when sipped.



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