Against the Grain Citra Ass Down Double IPA

I genuinely can't remember if this beer from Louisville, KY, was given to me as a gift by my pal Jeremy of City Sliquors. Sometimes, I go there to buy beer and he yanks some stuff from his fridge that he wants me to try, and I graciously accept his kindness. Either way, it's not the brewer giving it to me, so it doesn't change any of my ratings or feelings, but I like to know if I should thank him. I'm guessing I should; Thanks, dude!

The blotchy head settles on the somewhat hazy amber color beer and emits a delightful citrus, honey, and bread aroma that absolutely makes the mouth water. This smells like something special.

First sip has a very approachable personality. Lemons and bread lead the way, and there is a distinct tang to it that I'm not sure I'm putting in the camp of either of these two tastes. It's likely yeast, but I can't tell from just a sip. So, bottoms up!

Tip-in is oranges, lemons, and tangerines with honey bringing a sweetness. The middle flows with an even greater sense of citrus with grapefruit joining the mix while bread and honey dance their unspeakable dance of lust. The finish is tart and tangy with a dryness just before bitterness trails off.

Bottom Line: A citrus DIPA is a fine recipe. This strove for its own personality, and makes a good name for itself.



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